Health and Fitness are essential for overall wellness. Haven’t been overweight for the most part of my growing years, I always pride myself that whatever a slim person can do physically, I can do better.

Phew!!! This is me thinking that if you were physically fit, you were healthy. If you could Skip, Jump, play Football-the list is endless, and you did it regularly; meant you were certainly healthy. Equating activity with healthy, and inactivity with unhealthy. My thinking was dangerously misleading, and I bet a lot of people fit in my thinking cap with this one.



Firstly, the dictionary has defined Health as the condition of an organism. Or one of its parts in which it performs its vital functions normally or properly; freedom from physical disease and pain.

Health involves EVERY system of the body and is only achieved through a lifestyle that supports health.  Health is the amount of freedom from disease

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Secondly, let us define Fitness. The dictionary has defined fitness as the ability to conduct oneself in physically demanding situations; to function effectively in emergencies; display superior body composition and aptitude in matters of strength, cardiovascular capacity, power expression, reaction time, speed, agility, flexibility; to evince generally superior health and resistance to injury and disease. Simply put, Fitness is the ability to carry out any activity. There are various levels of fitness. Even though I was 120kg, I was able to play football as often as liked, which is me being able to carry out an activity.

A combination of fitness and health is essential for overall wellness.

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