Get Help with  GraciousMi Lifestyle program is a balanced protein and modified carbohydrate nutrition program designed to ensure optimal nutrition and metabolism that keeps body fat away.  The program is designed to ensure  making the correct food intake choices around the regular 3-meal day. It is supported by a multivitamin/minerals and a portion control Kit.

By addressing the real food issues that is ‘‘we are what we eat’’ and by changing the notion of ‘‘living to eat’’ to ‘‘Nourish to live’’, GraciousMi Lifestyle is able to not only keep the weight off, also assist those on the program to acquire a SKILL on keeping the weight off permanently, with the follow-up Lifetime Maintenance Program.

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Fact 1

Exercise improves your fitness. It strengthens your heart muscles, improves your circulation and helps to reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels.

Fact 2

Nutrition is the act or process of nurishing, while Nutrient is that which nurishes.

Fact 3

The term diet refers to ‘planned or prescribed selection of food’, ‘allowance of provisions so as to furnish food’, ‘to take food according to rule’ and ‘a mode of living, with special reference to food’.

Fact 4

On average, Overweight people eat 40% more than they need to maintain their weight at a healthy level.

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Fact 5

Do you know that for every pound of fat that you lose, you have one pound less tissue requiring oxygenated blood to be pumped through, thereby reducing strain on the heart and coronary arteries?

Fact 6

There is evidence that eating oat porridge reduces blood cholesterol. It is also suggested that beans, pulses and whole-wheat foods have the same effect.

Fact 7

Psychological research shows that walking lowers stress levels and combats depression. It can also help you deal more effectively with the triggers for overeating such as anger, guilt, fear and anxiety.

GraciousMi Lifestyle helps people to develop good nutrition habits allowing a reconfiguration of their metabolism. The end result is those on the program wean themselves of excessive amounts of food and won’t feel hungry even with the reduced food portions. In addition to this, the one on one weekly consultation guarantees a successful outcome.

The GraciuosMi Lifestyle program is available as;

1. GraciousMi 12-Week Program

Mentoring, Body Prep Meal plan, Rotational Individualized Meal  Plan, Weekly/ Bi-weekly Body statistic check/mentoring. Program participants receive FREE Portion control kits.

2. GraciousMi Monthly program

Body Prep, Individualized Meal  Plan and  Weekly/ Bi weekly Body statistic check.

3. GraciousMi Individualized Meal Plan Program

One off Meal Plan designed  to suit your health and dietary need.

4. GraciousMi Body Prep Plan

Meal Plan to get your body  ready for a lifestyle change.

5. GraciousMi Lifetime Maintenance Program

Designed for those who have achieved their ideal weight goal or wish to lose their weight on a much slower rate.

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