There is a thin line between Nutrition and Medicine. As a certified weight loss consultant; am never shy to talk about Nutrition and Medicine. By writing this article, I am creating awareness on DRUG INDUCED NUTRIENT DEPLETION.


Drug-induced nutrient depletions occur when the medications we take for various health issues block the absorption, storage, metabolism or synthesis of essential nutrients in the body. When nutrients are blocked or depleted in this manner over a prolonged period of time, further health problems can develop as a result of these depletions.

Some Medications that are responsible for NUTRIENT DEPLETION:-

As a result of so many individuals today taking multiple medications, drug-induced nutrient depletion can be very common in drugs which lower cholesterol, blood pressure drugs, acid lowering drugs to relieve stomach complaints, antibiotics, estrogen replacement products and even aspirin, can cause depletion in essential nutrients needed by the body for good health. So it is important to note; that the symptoms of drug-induced nutrient depletion can occur months after a medication has begun.

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All things considered, the only solution to averting drug-induced nutritional deficiencies is to replace the depleted nutrients through nutritional supplements, dietary sources, or both. As a result, quality nutritional supplement products may be recommended to cover all bases, it is easiest to provide this basic daily coverage to anyone on medication (and adjusting as needed to the specific one as below):

As a patient, be aware of these drug-nutrient depletions and take the appropriate measures. Next,do what you can to avoid taking medications (Lifestyle Change via healthy eating and exercise), off course use natural products instead.

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Recommended Nutritional Supplement for DRUG INDUCED NUTRIENT DEPLETION and General Wellness as most of our diet are not balanced.

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