What’s this month’s Challenge? A friend of mine asked!!!

When you are successful at something, then it gives you the interest and confidence to push yourself even further or do even more to become even more successful, like starting a lifestyle change with our various challenges from previous months.  – “Nothing breeds success like success” 

So let’s reiterate the challenges I have come up with to date: 

So for this month, all we have learned from the various challenges should be incorporated into a lifetime habit.  As the body gets used to a new regime, the ‘shock’ mustn’t unbalance the system and progress must be forward.

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By participating in these challenges we have learned to:-

  • Increase water intake
  • Increase fibre intake
  • Do moderate exercise
  • Also noticed a change in our bodies and patterns (sleeping well, increased will power, and mind-set).

fitness challenge

You are what you eat and food provides the building blocks as well as the nutrition for the cells of the body. Therefore, eating can be considered to be one of the man’s most important routines.  We must eat to nourish the body and not to over work it. Did you know that if you eat one teaspoon of sugar (16 calories) per cup of tea and if you have four cups of tea a day, you would have consumed 23,300 calories or more per annum?

The effects of exercise are cumulative. Running a mile (2.2km) burns up 300 calories, and if you do this three days a week for a year, it will total 22000 calories or an equivalent weight loss of 11lb (5kg). Another example is if you carried on eating the way you do and simply start walking one mile a day, you would lose a pound a month which is nearly a stone (14lbs or 7kg) a year.

Our bodies are designed to be physically active on a regular basis. One doesn’t need to become a super-athlete, but daily activity should be enough to get the body tuned up.   To get maximum benefit, exercise needs to be regular and sustained. The types of exercise can also be varied to suit what you enjoy doing in order to keep at it. Exercise contributes to general wellbeing and has many physical advantages.

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Below are some Testimonials  from people who took the various challenge:-

“The journal and journey still continues, thanks, Father I am still going strong and I can see the difference”-Yinka

“You have really come a long way GraciousMI…I am proud and motivated by you. I am now the UK sizes 8 bottoms, one more size to go…My aim is UK size 6 bottom and size 4 up… I am almost there and will continue with all the advice and posts you send via WhatsApp.”-Sarah

“Thanks for being my inspiration GraciousMi, I religiously do my walk now and am seeing so much amazing results.”- Martha

“I walk without double tots now, as well as my dance aerobics…Thanks for the inspiration”. Titi

There is more to losing weight, being healthy and fit.  Experience from the various challenges must have indicated that it has to do with motivation and mental attitude. Concentrating on reducing calories; is but a part of the strategy. I fully believe that losing weight and keeping it off requires personal motivation and specific mental attitudes and in many cases; this necessitates a life-style change. It has to do with losing weight and keeping it off.

Staying slim is a skill. Some people have the skill naturally – but anyone can acquire it; just as I acquired mine. In a sense, it has to do with wanting to be slim more than wanting to eat unnecessarily.



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