GraciousMi Vegetable Spiralizer

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Join the vegetable spaghetti revolution and get the best with the GraciousMI vegetable spiralizer

  • Spiralized Food is So Much More Fun To Eat!
  • A Great Way to Trick Your Kids Into Eating Veggies
  • Take Your Health To The Next Level with Our  Spiralizer
  • Cooking for Your Family has Never Been This Enjoyable!
  • Makes a Perfect Gift Idea
  • Super Easy to Clean
  • Spiralizing Done Within Seconds

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Join the vegetable spaghetti revolution and get the best with the GraciousMI vegetable spiralizer

Why is the GraciousMi vegetable spiralizer the best?

IT IS MORE COMPACT so it takes up less space in your cupboard but still has the same cutting capacity as all the larger models.

Can Be used with out electricity, no voltage conversion  issues or light outage issues and great for out door catering or camping.

YOU GET 3 DIFFERENT SIZE BLADES  You can make chips, ribbons, noodles and accordian cuts with zucchini, potato, sweet potato, squash, parsnip, beetroot, onion, pepper, carrot, radish, aubergine, cucumber, cabbage, apple, onion and many more!

  • LOSE WEIGHT EASILY BY CUTTING DOWN ON HIGH CALORIE CARBS. Drastically reduce your calorie intake by replacing high calorie carbs like pasta and noodles with low-fat vegetable spirals, you will see the pounds drop off you in no time.
  • A GREAT WAY TO GET YOUR KIDS EATING MORE VEGETABLES. The texture changes are a great way to make eating vegetables fun and enjoyable for picky kids. Take the stress out of meal times by turning boring vegetables into fun colorful spirals that your kids will love eating.
  • IMPROVE YOUR WHOLE FAMILY’S DIET. Change your family’s lifestyle for the better by getting them to eat more vegetables. With theGraciousMi  vegetable spiralizer you will soon have a fitter, healthier and happier family.
  • SAVE TIME PREPARING VEGETABLES. MAKE HEALTHY EATING A BREEZE. Take all the hard work out of preparing vegetables, the versatile 3-blade design saves you lots of time and effort in the kitchen. It will effortlessly shred, slice, chip, ribbon and noodle just about any vegetable or fruit you like in seconds. It is dishwasher safe too.



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