A few rules to lose stubborn weight AKA the Last 5-10 Kg!


What is it about the last; 5-10kg? Whether you have lost 45kg (like me) or 10kg, it always seems like the last few kilograms are the hardest to lose. When you begin a new diet or exercise program, the weight seems to fly off effortlessly. At some point, though usually within 5 -10kg to go, your results hit a plateau.

Are you gaining muscle? Have you maxed out your potential? Or are you just meant to be a little thicker than those around you?

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Whatever the reason may be, the bottom line is you aren’t completely satisfied with where you’re at because you have reached a point where simply “eating healthy” or “eating low calorie” is not enough and you have to take things to the next level, if you really want to reach that goal you set out for yourself. By following these 10 rules, you will get there.

1) Every time you open your mouth, eat non-processed: Fiber, Protein, Vegetables, and Healthy fats.

2) Workout less: Intensity is far more important than the length of your workouts.

3) Sleep more.

4) Limit fruit, sweet potatoes, and other starchy carbohydrates to your post-workout meal only.

5) Cut out all liquid calories.

6) Eliminate excess whey protein and other supplements.

7) Experiment with intermittent fasting: Intermittent fasting is a specific period of time that you choose to go without eating, usually lasting between 12-24 hours at a time.

8) Watch out for trap foods: fruit or nuts.

9) Get outside and walk (move) every day.

10) Focus on performance goals: Focus on ways to enjoy the process. If you really want this time to be different, then you have to focus on something different.

Commit to these rules for 2-3 weeks and I guarantee that you will look and feel better than you ever have in your life.

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6 thoughts on “A few rules to lose stubborn weight AKA the Last 5-10 Kg!”

  1. Thamks again GraciousMi.

    I am still a long way from the last 5-10kgs but I am glad you’ll be there to help me soldier past that challenge.

    ……..But is it really easy to get rid of the initial 5kg though?

    1. Thanks to one of my dedicated readers Bu.On the question of the intial 5kg loss; that’s the easiest. With clean eating and exercising you would. Will inbox you a free meal plan.

  2. Ngozi Caroline

    Quite interesting rules. Hmmnn, hope to be disciplined enough to keep to the rules.
    Thanks GraciousMi.

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