Anyone Can Loose Weight Right !

Loosing Weight can be tasking, but the key to successful weight loss is maintaining 10 percent of the initial loss within a year or more.

Like I always say; anyone can loose weight once they set their minds to doing so, but can they sustain the weight loss? This is the big challenge.


I am an individual who has lost over 40kgs and kept it off for almost 4years and still counting. Whilst evidence can’t prove that the approaches I or others who have lost weight and maintained it is the key to upholding weight loss success; our new formed habits are married with many other strategies to maintain the weight loss.


Some of my strategies include:

  • Getting lots of exercise
  •  Eating breakfast
  •  Intermitten fasting 
  •  Keeping a food diary
  •  Weighing myself and measuring my inches (once a week or daily). When I detected weight gain, I took action before the problem escalate
  •  Eating more vegetables and 2 portion of fruits a day
  • Using food as medicine (eating to nourish my body, not unnecessarily)





  • A personal trainer, who can design an exercise program that’s right for your abilities
  • A dietitian / a weight loss consultant / lifestyle coach, who can tailor an eating plan for your calorie needs, and even organise your meal schedule and your pantry
  • A therapist, who can help if you feel your weight issues are related to emotional eating or eating disorders 
  • A doctor, if your weight  is due to a medical condition
  • A good stress management techniques, such as taking yoga which can help if you feel your weight issues are stress-related eating
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Remember, it’s already an accomplishment if you’ve had some weight loss success.

Keep your momentum going by either employing strategies to maintain weight loss or enlisting people to help you do it.

Now I have shared my strategies, what are yours?  If you are on the journey and need help, you are not far from it. I am always available to help.


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