Don’t give up on your lifestyle change

Lifestyle change is a build-up of making dietary changes, exercising more, and incorporating behavioural changes.

We all sometimes make mistakes. We all most times never get it right. The most important thing to remember is how you made the mistake and we must learn from our mistake.

Find out what is making you divert from your lifestyle change. What’s causing that diversion and what can you do to fix it? Locate the root cause of your slip-ups and do your best to correct them.

When your lifestyle becomes a habits, the struggle to living a healthier life becomes a walk in the park. You’ll find everything you do more enjoyable. Food will taste better, sleep will become more restful. And most importantly, an enormous load of stress and relief will be lifted off your shoulders.

How to track our mistakes:-

  1. Practice portion control.


2. Think positive: Instead of dwelling on the foods you cannot eat, try instead to focus on what you can have.



3. Keep record of your food intake (a diary or Journal)


4. Keep record of your food intake (a diary or Journal)



5. Move more. All exercise helps.



6. Monitor your progress with a reward (not food).



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