So what do you eat?


The million dollar question on the mouth and heads of a lot of people “So what do you eat”?

When it comes to food, people are very opinionated as to what they feel is the right way to eat. I don’t believe that there is only ONE right way to eat! We are all unique and what’s right for one may not be right for another.

One way to go about this dilemma is one should try and stick to single ingredient meal. By single ingredient I mean whole food, natural foods that contain only one ingredient, which is generally referred to as non-processed food.

Single ingredient food list guide below


Protein food
Chicken / Beef / Turkey / Eggs / Ham / Pork / Liver / Lamb / Sea foods / all Fish / Shellfish / Milk / Cheese / Yogurt / Raw nuts and Seeds.
Corn / Oats / Barley / Buck wheat / Whole wheat / Wheat germ / Granola / Rice / Noodles / Pasta whole wheat / Muesli and Oat Cakes.
All fresh vegetables have one ingredient.
All fresh fruits have one ingredient.

You can combine ingredients to form meals, but everything must start out as one whole ingredient. For example, you can combine single ingredient food to make a meal such as:

  1. Pounded Yam (made easy by using a food mixer to mash the yam into a mould shape provided you eat it as soon as it’s made) and Okra (okra is a single ingredient) soup with any protein of your choice. Where time is not permitted, yam can be swapped for Oat (Quaker Oat: they make delicious swallow).


2.  Salad using homemade mayonnaise or Lemon

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3. Rice and stew


4. MoiMoi (beans cake) made from beans, pepper, onions and oil


5. Fruits


6. Eggs in any form


7. Nuts (Groundnut, Cashew, Almond etc).


The Key here is staying away from (eat in moderation one a week):

  • Processed foods



  • Fast food

fast food

  • All packaged foods with more than 1 ingredient such as Ready Meals

packaged food

  • Baked products & breads


  • Refined sugars, chocolate, and sweets


A Few exception would be on condiments and oil (go for healthier oil like coconut oil for frying, olive oil for dressing) but easy on the quantity you use.

Once you have the hang of eating a single ingredient meal, which most of us already do, the next step is reducing the portion size of what we eat to fully maximise the benefit of single ingredient eating. Bon appetite.

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6 thoughts on “So what do you eat?”

    1. You are most welcome jite, please keep me posted on your progress with focusing on eating single source food. Remember that portion control is a big factor to this approach

    1. Hello Tope,
      Thanks for your question, I would like to say that carbohydrate (Rice, Yam) is not the enemy. What we should be looking at is the amount of calories in the food we eat, and focusing on food quality is an equally important part of preventing weight gain and promoting weight loss. With rice and yam which are starchy and high in carbohydrate, you should watch the quantity you ate,as most of food we eat these days are very high in carbohydrate but does not comes in their natural form. So enjoy food in it’s naturals forms but with portion control. so a slice of Yam 15, Table Spoons of rice
      Hope this helps.

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