Michelle Bello weight loss

Walk Zest chats with Michelle Bello to hear about her weight loss story


WZ: Introduce yourself and what you do.

I am Michelle Bello. An accountant and also certified in weight management and consulting. Passionate about health and fitness. I love to motivate and encourage people to become the best person they can possibly be by focusing on healthy permanent life style changes that includes making correct food choices as a way of life and by adding some gentle exercise to sustain a healthy mind and body connection. http://www.graciousmilifestyle.com

WZ: How did your weight become a concern for you?

Ha ha ha…I carried my weight well and was proud of being 118kg. However, I hated being addressed as ‘madam’ or not being able to wear what I wanted without having to plan it for weeks. I also hated my big tummy.

WZ: Where there any health or fitness issues as a result of your weight gain?

I was fit, but ‘how fit’ is the big question. In terms of my health, I had perfect health, but I noticed that at the slightest stress, my blood pressure would shoot up and everyone said I snored.

WZ: So, how did you do it? What practical actions did you take to lose weight?

The million dollar question. From August 2011, I started eating healthy. Lots of salad, vegetables and protein. Walking about 45mins – 3 times a week. With this though, I only lost 3kg in one month. I wanted to lose more and so signed up with a Weight-Loss consultant who placed me on a very low-calorie diet for 12 weeks. I did as I was told with no cheating and added in extra walking time. I discovered I could run too, so I ran, jogged, and walked 6 days a week. By 12th December 2011, I was 45kg down.

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WZ: At what point did you realize you were succeeding in your weight loss journey? How did that feel?

After 2 weeks, I had dropped 8kg. I was delighted. I had to get my mum’s sewing machine out to make amendments to my clothes. It got to a point where I could no longer amend them further and had to change my clothes size shopping from UK 22/24 to UK12/14. I was almost down to a UK10 at one point. I loved the fact that I could pick up a shop item and not worry about it not fitting. This was now a thing of the past. No more planning my outfit. I got spontaneous with dressing up. And I was now slimmer than the slimmest of my siblings who was a size 14. The fact that I could wear my sister’s clothes which were actually a loose fit was the victory. My eureka moment.


WZ: How have you stayed motivated?

My motivation comes from the people who look up to me, so I feel that I cannot let them down. My passion for healthy eating and fitness is what also keeps me motivated. I have been able to assist others on their own weight loss journeys. Least I forget that I love my figure whenever I dress up. I am amazed by what I have been able to achieve.

WZ: What permanent behaviors or habits have you established towards living a healthier lifestyle?

I have a healthy eating habit with portion control, my physiological behavior towards food is positive and I have an exercise routine that I do at least 3 times a week. It’s a never ending journey. Hence it’s termed a lifestyle. The difference between being healthy and being fit. And I am both.

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Since losing 45kg back in 2011, I have been able to maintain 40kg of that loss to date (2016). I have been passionate about what I eat and my exercise routine as well as not being shy to encourage others along this path. It’s become a passion.

WZ: What foods and equipment/activity would you recommendation?

  1.  Protein Shakes
  2. Increase Fibre
  3. Moderate fruits 
  4. Increase vegetable 
  5. Understand the types of natural fats and how to use them
  6. Portion control 
  7. Take up regular walking (it’s free!!) or some form of exercise you enjoy as part of your fitness routine. For me, participating in the weekly Walk Zest group walks is great. I also attend Boxing aerobics and Squash sessions.

WZ: What words of encouragement do you have for anyone wanting to lose weight or struggling to get started?

  1. A journey of a 1000miles begins with a step. Stay focus and be determined – it’s only for a while (“Weeping endureth for a while, but Joy comes in the morning”).
  2. Set yourself a realistic goal. Stick to it and if you fall along the way, pick yourself up and keep moving. 
  3. Always reward your achievement with a tangible gift – never food e.g. a pedicure, spa treatment, jewelry, etc.

WZ: What 3 words/phrases best describe what Walk Zest means to you?

#1happyteam #1goal #greatresult 

Walk Zest is delighted to welcome Michelle Bello to the WZ Master Team. Michelle will be providing valuable nutrition and weight management guidance. If you are interested in finding out more, send an email to walkzest@gmail.com.

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